Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sons of Steve Garvey Acknowledged by "Jeff Kent"

For a second there, we were kinda stoked. But only for a second.

In Jeff Kent's latest chat over at dodgers.com, the Dodgers second baseman responded to a fan's question about Kent's interest in internet blogs:

Gododgers: After 16 years in baseball, I bet you have seen a lot of advances in baseball and technology. How often do you check the Dodgers fan blogs like www.sonsofstevegarvey.com or www.dodgerthoughts.com?

Kent: I'm not much of a computer buff. If I had my druthers, I'd be talking on the phone or in person, not on the computer.

So at first, we were stoked to be even mentioned. And then, we were stoked that, even if Jeff Kent doesn't check our site on an hourly basis, he would prefer to talk with us over the phone (which is fine with us). But how much of a luddite could Kent be if he is sitting there chatting with fans realtime? Maybe there's hope!

And then, Tony Jackson over at ITD (Daily News) goes and blows the fantasy out of the water, revealing that it wasn't really Kent at all typing away:

Josh Rawitch, the Dodgers' PR guy, is sitting a few seats away from me talking Jeff Kent on the phone for Kent's alleged "web chat" with fans. Josh is reading the questions on his laptop to Jeff, who is answering the questions verbally while Josh types them in. I'm still dreaming of the day when I actually see a big-league ballplayer do something self-sufficient.

Gee, thanks, Tony. Our dream of being best friends with Jeff Kent just got burst like a pinata at a birthday party (obviously, Wilson Betemit is not blindfolded and wielding a bat at this stage).

Guess we'll go back to our cave now and try and muster up the strength to blog tomorrow.


Rob said...

He's probably in the clubhouse still reading his motocross magazines.

Steve Sax said...

Or, "washing his truck."