Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Giants' CF Solution Not Working Out So Hot Either

From "Possible arthroscopic surgery in Roberts' future" (AP/

SAN FRANCISCO -- Giants center fielder Dave Roberts said he expects to have arthroscopic surgery on his inflamed left elbow in the coming days to remove floating bone chips as well as bone spurs.

"I feel this is definitely a good possibility as it stands," Roberts said Wednesday.

While the team said it hopes Roberts will avoid needing a scope, he is scheduled to be examined Thursday by Angels team orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles and didn't rule out having the procedure as soon as Yocum could do it in the coming days. Yocum worked on Roberts' shoulder during his college days at UCLA.

If Roberts has the procedure -- nearly identical to what slugger Barry Bonds underwent after last season -- the recovery time is likely to be at least four weeks.


Steve Sax said...

Despite the fact he's a Giant, I do like Dave Roberts... But I can't say I feel badly for the Giants. This is the first of many injuries for their aging staff...