Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BP Ranks 50 Most Valuable Players...

...and not one of them is a Dodger.

Baseball's Top 50 MVPs: Ranking the hottest properties in the game today (BaseballProspectus.com/SI.com)

UPDATE: Dodger Thoughts reader Benaiah breaks it down for us:

The teams that didn't get anyone on that list:

Dodgers, Rockies, Reds, Rangers, A's

Teams that got 3 or more on the list:
Devil Rays, Phillies (4), Twins(4), Angels, Indians (4), Yankees (4) and Mets

Including Honorable mentions:
Devil Rays (5)
Diamond Backs (4)
Tigers (4)
Red Sox (3)
Marlins (3)
Cubs (3)

The Reds were the only team not to even have an honorable mention.


Eric Karros said...

Neither an Abe nor a Babe to be found on the list either. Two Babes, Evan Longoria and Carl Crawford, did get honorable mention however.

Steve Sax said...

Russell Martin also got an honorable mention...

Pedro Guerrero said...

Tom Verducci didn't give us any in the top 10 less than 25 either. What happened to the loaded minor league system we're supposed to have (along with the Angels and Diamondbacks)?