Tuesday, May 29, 2007


From "Love Letter to the L.A. Dodgers" by Kate Sullivan at the LA Weekly:

My biggest problem is actually with Dodgers fans. As beautiful as they may look from the parking lot, they are an absolute mess up close. Firstly, stadium staff need to shoot on sight anyone with a beach ball. Fans trying to start a wave should be forced to watch the remainder of the game in their underpants. Fans trying to perform a wave during tense late-innings moments should be lined up and tickled by the bullpen, then banished for the remainder of the season. Fans trying to start a chant that includes the word “suck” should be lightly beaten about the head and shoulders, and reminded that a truly great team doesn’t need to insult anyone else.

Except for that tickling part. Other than that we're cool.

(Thanks to SoSG commenter nelsondyer for the tip.)


Some commentary on the LA Weekly story about Scott Boras from Lion in Oil.


Steve Sax said...

With the exception of saying "Barry Sucks", which is great vs. the Giants and even better vs. any other team; other than that, I'm cool with outlawing beachballs and the wave (esp during a rally).