Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Post-Game 86 Thread: Again, Fantastic Four Denied

Just a matter of time before this Four gets Byrned.


We just can't win our fourth in a row. The sixth time was not the charm for us, as Josh Beckett gave up three runs in the first and two more runs in the third, putting us in a 5-2 hole (we inched back two runs in the bottom of the first, off a skillfully-tweeted Adrian Gonzalez HR):


But any hope of a Dodgers comeback, and overcoming this curse of the fourth consecutive win, was lost in the bottom of the fourth. With none out and already having scored one run in the inning, we had Yasiel Puig on first and Dee Gordon on third, and Gonzalez at the plate. Gonzalez then unbelievably flied into a 7-2-4 triple play, which not even Don Mattingly's meek challenge call could overcome.

Jamey Wright gave up two more runs in the sixth, and Paul Maholm gave up three more runs in his two innings of slop, but who the hell is counting at that point. It's amazing how all the confidence of June evaporated in the first game in July, but here we are: back in second place, and struggling to figure out why we have tetraphobia. I just hope we figure it out before Friday...the Fourth of July.


Hideo Nomo said...

HOLY SHIT! The Dodgers lost on the 4th of April, May, AND June!


Fred's Brim said...

I'll be fine if we win 3-of-4 the rest of the way but we'll probably have to figure it out if we want to win a playoff series