Saturday, June 21, 2014

Post-Game 75 Thread: Smith, Jansen Defeat Dodgers


Kenley straight up blew this one, folks. Handed a 5-3 lead in the ninth inning, he gave up a single, two doubles and a game-losing sac fly to blow it in frustrating fashion. With the exception of one 84-mph slider, he threw all cutters between 90-96 mph.

What exactly does this mean? I'm no Chad Moriyama, but Kenley was eminently hittable tonight. And when they weren't hitting him, they were fouling him off.

Sure, you could point to Haren giving up two home runs to Seth Smith, or him not being able to last six innings, or the five runners the Dodgers left on base. But this was a winnable game.

In other not-great news, Puig left the game in the eighth with what the Dodgers are calling "a mild left hip muscle strain." Keep in mind this is the team Dylan Hernandez just called "notoriously unreliable in providing accurate medical information."

At least the Giants lost again, so the Dodgers remain four back. Four wins in a row? The dream remains deferred.


Neeebs (The Original) said...

I blame McCourt...I always blame McCourt.