Monday, July 14, 2014

At-Game Recap: Dodgers in Sydney (Part 2)

Continuing the photo upload from the Dodgers' game in Sydney Australia (March 22, 2014):

The skies had started to get gray so it was not clear if we were going to be able to see our game or not. We made it to the stadium at least two hours early and it was already incredibly crowded, a testament to public demand as well as crappy crowd control efforts.

Gray skies over the SCG Allianz Stadium, which is technically next door to the Sydney Cricket Ground. SO NEEDLESSLY CONFUSING!

Walking toward the real SCG. Dodger fans in the house!

One more look back at the other stadium.

I entered my gate and then took a look at the SCG grounds: wow. It's a full oval, but it's quite intimate, largely because of the Members Pavilion which has different architecture and is steeped in tradition. As soon as I walked in, I saw the field...and the covered tarp:

Tarp is down. Rain is coming!

Loudspeaker announcements said that the delay wouldn't be too long, so I went down to take a look at my seats...which ended up being ROCKSTAR seats that had me drooling (thanks to my good friend, who pulled this incredible maneuver off!).

Right behind home plate!

Other views from the seats:

And finally, just to prove that SoSG was there:

And look, little SoSG fans were there as well! (Note beer in hand: fine parenting, I assure you.)

More to come soon!

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