Wednesday, July 16, 2014

At-Game Recap: Dodgers in Sydney (Part 4)

More photo uploads from the Dodgers' Opening Day 2014 in Sydney.

Note the pop-up hat shop on the concourse has NO Dodger hats left in stock. Plenty of Snakes hats, however!

The group singing the national anthem(s). Or maybe the catering.

It was awesome to hear the Australian national anthem before the game. Advance Australia Fair!

Here we go...

Adam Goodes, an indigenous Australian footballer who was named Australian of the Year last year, threw the first pitch.

Here's Wade Miley, getting ready...

First pitch to Yasiel Puig (a strike)!

Puig, larger than life on the SCG scoreboard.

Diamondbacks on the top step of the temporary dugout.

Clayton Kershaw starts dealing.

Kershaw's fans know!

This guy kills us. Here's Paul Goldschmidt, almost in reach.

More soon!

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