Sunday, July 27, 2014

Speaking Of Burgers: Dodgers Apparently "Have Chips" To Deal

See, we've been talking about burgers a lot lately, right? And places like the UK and Australia, for example, call french fries "chips". Get it?

Anyway, the Dodgers say that we're open to dealing at the trade deadline, but we "won't be forced":

The priority area of concern for general manager Ned Colletti isn't trading an outfielder but acquiring a starter and reliever, and no deal is imminent. Of course, no deal was imminent three days before the July 31 Deadline of 2008. So if Manny Ramirez can fall into your lap and turn around a season, anything is possible.

But supply and demand indicates that the Dodgers might do nothing more in the next few days than add to their bench depth. Infielder Darwin Barney, for instance, is available.

"We may not do anything," Colletti said on Saturday. "I think we have the players here that can win."

That would explain why manager Don Mattingly, earlier in the week, seemed to lower the bar on expectations when asked about the need for an acquisition.

"For me, I'll take my club right now," Mattingly said. "Sometimes you make a move to show you're trying to win. We know we're trying to win. I can't sit here and say I have to have anything."

Mattingly gets briefed on the trade talks that, for now, have the Dodgers convinced there are too many teams looking for pitching and too few teams selling it. And three confirmed sellers are division neighbors San Diego, Colorado and Arizona. There's no better way for an executive to get dismissed than to help the Dodgers beat them, so any deal with those clubs would extract a heavy price.

The price the Dodgers still aren't willing to pay is any of their top three prospects -- Joc Pederson, Corey Seager or Julio Urias. To land a difference-maker like David Price, Jon Lester or Cole Hamels, it would take two of them. That's even less likely, considering ownership's commitment to restoring in-house development.

"Based on what I know of who can be acquired, I don't see us doing anything that's going to tear apart our farm system," Colletti said.

That's right, we won't be forced by another club to make a stupid trade-deadlilne move. No sir, Ned Colletti can make unimpactful trade deadline deals for starters like Octavio Dotel all by himself.


KLD said...

Little bit confused by your last statement. Are you willing to let one or two of the cream in our farm system go? Would Lester, a probable rental, be worth it? Can you clarify.

Steve Sax said...

Clarification: I don't want another Octavio Dotel.

Or Darwin Barney, for that matter. Why bother?

KLD said...

Just saw that we picked up Barney. Heck, we could always use another offensive force/clutch hitter like A.J. World Series, here we come... (so said with a sarcastic glint in his eye)