Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At-Game Recap: Dodgers in Sydney (Part 5)

Okay, let's shake it up here from my last four entries in this series (links to which are conveniently posted along the bottom), and instead post some videos. Sure, they're short, but they're videos nonetheless!

First, here's a quick video of Clayton Kershaw doing some warm-up throws:

Next, here's the tail end of Scott Van Slyke's two-run HR (scoring Adrian Gonzalez), which ultimately proved to be the difference in the 3-1 final score (yes, that's me screaming like a madman on the audio):

Finally, along with clay from California, two teams from America, and plenty of tradition: MLB also brought the wave over to the Sydney Cricket Ground:

Man, that was embarrassing; of all the things we could have left in the US, we tried to export the wave. Maybe it was a one-way ticket! In any event, even with the wave, this was a very fun game to watch from these awesome seats. I am indebted to my friend for these awesome Dodgers memories.

More soon!

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Fred's Brim said...

great stuff, Saxy!

Unknown said...

I don't really follow baseball in Sydney - I much prefer the football or rugby games, but after watching these clips, I just might be persuaded to pay the sport a little more attention...