Tuesday, July 15, 2014

At-Game Recap: Dodgers in Sydney (Part 3)

More pictures from Sydney and the Dodgers' season opener!

As I waited for the rain delay to end, I took a look over to the Members Pavilion. Look at how these stands blend in with the rest of the field seating. The two-level stands and prominent (view-blocking) vertical support beams reminded me a lot of old Tiger Stadium in Detroit (before Comerica Park).

Members Pavilion, to my right.

Tarp still on the field.

Dodgers get three soundbites, but one mentions Jackie Robinson!

Hey look, it's the Diamondbacks' mascot, a...furry bear with a hat in a speedo? A rabid cat? A bobcat, maybe, sort of? What the hell is that thing?

Wow, really? Is that your idea of a punchline? How intelligent.

No way I was going to sit around watching this stupidity. So, with time on my hands, I went back to the Field Level concourse to shop. Check out the absolutely crazy lines at the merchandise stands: ridiculous!

Knowing that I would be back for Game 2, I didn't bother staying in line here. Let's go for beer:

My god, those beer prices are ridiculous! And it's probably mid-strength crap, as well!

Back to the stands, where some Diamondbacks fans have (as usual) arrived late.

Wait, the tarp is coming off!

And Juan Uribe is loosening up!

Or at least, he was loosening up!

More to come soon!

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