Monday, July 21, 2014

Kemp Key For Dodgers' Second-Half Run

David Schoenfield says what we all are thinking: if Matt Kemp can rise to form and make some more highlight-reel plays in left, or center, or wherever he plays, the Dodgers should be in very good shape:

OK, we're already a couple of days into the second half of the season, which actually begins well past the actual halfway point of the season, but here are the key players to watch for each National League team. [...]

Los Angeles Dodgers: Matt Kemp

Kemp began the second half with his agent Dave Stewart proclaiming that Kemp just wants to play every day and "his hope at some point is to get back to center." That's not going to happen, as the Dodgers finally realized Kemp's bad routes lead to too many bad plays in the outfield (he had the worst Defensive Runs Saved total in the majors in the first half at any position). So that means Kemp will have to hit -- and play left field. He had a solid June, hitting .317/.375/.525. The Dodgers will happily take that at this point.

Keep up the good work, Matt!


Fred's Brim said...

Are there any SABRific stats around the type of outs players make or situational outs? Matty seems to make the worst of them, getting picked off first, striking out with a runner on third and less than 2 outs, the soul-crushing double plays. Are rally-killing outs like these factored into WAR?