Thursday, July 31, 2014

Andre Ethier, Team Player

It's a minor point.

But when I looked at the wrap of the game last night, it was pretty cool to see Andre Ethier--who had one plate appearance in three games in San Francisco, and didn't play a lick last night--front and center congratulating Matt Kemp on his game-winning hit.

Ethier PH last night, his first appearance against the Braves in this series, and was 0-for-1 with 3 LOB.

He can't be happy with the outcome or the lack of ABs.

This is a two-time All-Star relegated to the bench in a crowded outfield not of his own making. Andre Ethier is a largely quiet and private guy (save the whole foodie blog thing) who has kept a relatively low profile, despite having a penchant for walk-off hits himself. He had to be going through self-esteem and doubt issues as he has ridden the pine late this month.

And yet, there's Andre, up and ready to congratulate his teammate...and competition for playing time. And it appears to be sincere.

Pretty good work, Ethier. Thanks for being a team player.


Steve Sax said...

The post is showing up in my iPhone with in intended font issues. Sorry about that.

Fred's Brim said...

Thanks for posting this, Saxy. I noticed that too. I am glad he can be happy for his teammates when it has to be hard for him right now.

And it looks OK on a regular browser

Fred's Brim said...

The other good part of the post-game celebration was them ripping Matty's jersey in two. Puig had one half and Adrian had the other. You can hear AGon saying to him "hey man, do you want half of your shirt?"

Dusty Baker said...


Cleaned up a bit.

Steve Sax said...

@DB: thanks. I reverted this to SoSG AP style because the blockquote didn't cite anyone else. But thanks for pitching in!