Monday, July 14, 2014

At-Game Recap: Dodgers in Sydney (Part 1)

SoSG readers: I'm sorry.

You all know that SoSG AC and I went to the two Dodgers Opening Day games in Sydney, Australia, this March. These games were awesome; honestly they were some of my all-time Dodger highlight experiences.

And though we promised to upload some pictures to the blog, I've been delinquent in doing so (AC posted Part 1 and Part 2 of photos, but I am lame).

And so, here's my first drop in the series of photos I took from Sydney Australia, back in March 2014.

En route to the game! Qantas offers ipads in each economy seat for domestic flights, which is very cool and can keep one pretty occupied. I had my own ipad on which to play games during the flight (not to mention my own PS Vita), so this wasn't a need for me on this particular flight...

Banners were hung all over Sydney. We got in early on the Friday March 21st so we were able to explore downtown Sydney (which I'd visited once before) a bit. The banners were hung all over the central business district, but the MLB Opening Series was common knowledge down under: with exhibition games against Team Australia on March 20 and 21, the locals knew all about MLB's historic visit. The Diamondbacks lost their exhibition game 5-0, but the Dodgers won their game vs. Team Australia 4-2, off the backs of Yasiel Puig's two-run HR. With those two games out of the way, it was all set for real baseball Down Under!

Dodgers fans make the local newspaper!

Even the local sporting goods store, Rebel Sport, has chosen sides (wisely, I might add).

With a couple of hours to burn that afternoon before the evening game, we opted to take a boat out on the Sydney Harbor...which was beautiful. Sydney from a weather perspective is a lot like Los Angeles (more on this later, as rain threatened at the start of Game 1), and this afternoon it was pretty picturesque. We did some fishing both in and out of the harbor, and on a nice sunny day really enjoyed the striking skyline of Sydney, with its Harbour Bridge and Opera House featuring prominently.

The Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

After a successful day of fishing (and much beer drinking, of course). Note the gray skies at the end of the day...a good omen for part 2.

Next up: getting to the "stadium," the Sydney Cricket Ground!


Fred's Brim said...

At what point were you overtaken by the throngs of Diamondback fans?

Fred's Brim said...

And is it true that AC got drunk and slept in a kangaroo's pouch?