Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Post-Game 108 Thread: Bison Burgers, WIth All The Extras


My god, we should be talking about trading Matt Kemp every frickin' day. With Kemp's name swirling around (hopefully unfounded) rumors, the Bison went out and singlehandedly lifted the Dodgers to a second victory over the Braves, 3-2.

Kemp singled home the winning run in the bottom of the 10th inning, when Justin Turner led off the inning with a single to center, and then advanced on a wild pitch by David Hale. Kemp, who had already hit a solo HR in the bottom of the second to tie the game at 1, and then scored a second run in the eighth off a Juan Uribe single, calmly stroked a 3-2 pitch into left field to drive home Turner and win the game.

Kemp now has three HR in the past two games (6-for-8 with 6 RBI), and looks completely dialed in (and possibly even, finally, healthy). Yippings from Kemp's agent notwithstanding, it is awesome to see Kemp energized, pumped up to support the team, yelling, screaming, jumping with clenched fists in euphoria--THIS is the Matt Kemp I love seeing.

Welcome back, Bison.

And don't be going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Zack Greinke had a quiet 13-K evening (8.0 IP) which was spoiled from a win by Kenley Jansen allowing a Justin Upton HR in the ninth (only Jansen's fourth blown save of the year), but hey--it happens. When you're rolling, extra-inning walkoff wins also happen. Especially with a stampeding Bison on one's side. Yippee ki yay!


Pride of Dong said...

Magic #51 beard starting to grow

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Fred's Brim said...

@Dong will you update your picture with the magic beard growing out of your lucha mask?

Fred's Brim said...

And for the record: little bacon burger, mayo, lettuce, pickles, grilled onions, hot sauce