Monday, July 21, 2014

Three Dodgers in Keith Law's Top 50 MLB Prospects

Here's the relevant Dodgers who made the Top 50 Prospects list, from's Keith Law (link insider only):

5. Corey Seager, 3B | Los Angeles Dodgers

Age: 20 | Current Level: High A (Rancho Cucamonga)

Preseason Ranking: 18

Seager had some trouble in the Cal League late last summer after a promotion from low-A, but the Dodgers got him to firm up his front side and stay balanced through contact so he wouldn't overrotate and become too pull-oriented. That change was fortuitous: Seager has destroyed high-A all year, at his hitter-friendly home park and away from it, with 54 extra-base hits through 80 games. He's not going to stay at shortstop, but he'll be the Dodgers' third baseman for six solid years once he gets to the majors at some point next year.

17. Julio Urias, LHP | Los Angeles Dodgers

Age: 17 | Current Level: High A (Rancho Cucamonga)

Preseason Ranking: 14

Ranking the 17-year-old 17th was a coincidence, I swear -- he's just this good, up to 95 consistently with an above-average to plus curveball and average or better changeup, deception in the delivery, lots of torque from his hip rotation, and shocking command for his age. We all should hope the Mexican-born Urias stays healthy as he navigates his late teens. The Dodgers are being extremely cautious with him, so he might not see the majors until 2016 or later.

22. Joc Pederson, CF | Los Angeles Dodgers

Age: 22 | Current Level: Triple-A (Albuquerque)

Preseason Ranking: 41

Pederson should be the center fielder in L.A. right now, but the Blue Man Group has run a series of corner outfielders out there rather than call up Pederson -- who isn't quite as good as his Albuquerque-inflated line might indicate, but would definitely give the Dodgers a boost on defense and in OBP. He still needs work against left-handed pitching, mostly picking up spin, but he's not getting much of that experience in the PCL anyway.

The Giants do not have one player on the Top 50 list.