Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dodgerpalooza - My Dodger Birthday Day One

May I just say that I have the best wife out there.  Mrs. Cora secured some tickets to the dugout club for my ... uh ... 21st, yeah that's right, my 21st birthday.  I have never been "down below" before so I was so excited.  I even fasted for two and a half days in order to enjoy the all you can eat food selections.  The food was pretty good, a lot better than the fare upstairs.  Don Newcombe and Ron Cey were down there too.  We had 3rd row tickets next to the visiting club's warm up circle.  I couldn't believe that there were people down there that looked like regulars saying hello to each other.  Amazing that they could afford the tickets, even if they were from a corporation.  That game itself moved WAY TOO FAST for someone wanting to be down in the dugout club FOREVER.  It ended on a Ellis walk off sacrifice fly.  We loitered in the dugout club after the game for a bit and watched the players walk by us.  Then headed home with dreams of Dodger Blue in my head.  Below are some pictures.  Enjoy!


Going down the stairs - Couldn't convince the wife to place this in our house. 

Lots of gold gloves

Dad's glove

Jackie sliding home

Ebbets field home plate

All you can eat snacks.

Ate dinner next to Don Newcombe

A nice fellow on the field took my camera to get this shot of Yasiel
Thanks Yasiel!
I loved this cartoon

Bam! Pow! Bang!

Kids lining up to take the field

The players are a lot bigger up close

Candy cotton sky over blue heaven

Sat near Rob Reiner

Matty up to bat

The drink menu for my fellow sons

More drinks

Better get more room on the wall for this guy

Orel's award


Steve Sax said...

Where is Jose Offerman's Gold Glove?

Dusty Baker said...

Massive post, AC! Great stuff. Thanks for the drinks pics, especially. As much as I love Bulleit, I'm skeptical of that Bulleit and tonic concoction.

Really makes me want to get serious about the lottery and be able to afford seats in this area. Or makes me want to marry you wife.

Dusty Baker said...

BTW we saw Reiner driving off after this game in the parking lot. He was driving a dark-colored Tesla and picking his nose. Still, I love Meathead.

Steve Sax said...

That Puig ball is awesome

QuadSevens said...

Great pics AC! A birthday in the Dugout Club is one I'm sure no Dodger fan would soon forget.