Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vin Scully, on Lines of Communication

We don't get TWC at SoSG Worldwide Headquarters, so we apologize for the lack of new Vin transcriptions this season. But we've dipped into the archives (OK, last year's games) to bring you some fresh transcriptions we haven't run yet.

Elio Chacon, Richie Ashburn.

Vin Scully, from the third inning of the Mets-Dodgers game on August 12, 2013:

There was another story: I remember the late Richie Ashburn, who was not only a marvelous player but also a wonderful broadcaster, and he wound up his career with the Mets — a lot of good players did.

The one-oh pitch on the way is high. Ball two.

And there was a shortstop with the Mets, Elio Chacon. And anytime there'd be a ball hit out into shallow center, Richie would come racing in and Chacon would just run over him.

And so Ashburn said, Well, I've gotta communicate with this guy, who didn't speak English. So they finally established three Hispanic words.

It was "Yo tengo" something, meaning "I've got it," I guess.

And sure enough, any time there'd be pop fly out there, Chacon would be racing out, and Richie would come hollering, "Yo tengo! Yo tengo!"

Here's the two-oh pitch, in for a strike, two and one.

And sure enough, one day there was a fly ball into shallow center, Ashburn was running in, hollering "Yo tengo," and he was completely knocked out of the ballpark by the right fielder, Frank Thomas. Who didn't understand Spanish and didn't know what Richie was calling about.

Ground ball speared by Mejia. He just runs over to first and just like that we have the third out. So no runs, one hit, a man left. At the end of three, two-nothing, Mets.


Steve Sax said...

Dodgers ended up winning that game, 4-2, for their sixth straight victory

Fred's Brim said...

and a W for Saxy's favorite player, Ricky Nolasco!