Friday, July 18, 2014

Kemp's Agent Voices Dissension

At least it isn't coming from Matt Kemp himself, I suppose. But the news, through Matt Kemp's agent Dave Stewart, that Kemp would rather leave the Dodgers in order to play every day in center field, is a little disappointing.

First, the news:

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a crowded outfield, and if that gets in the way of Matt Kemp playing every day he would be open to a trade.

The outfielder's agent, former major league pitcher Dave Stewart, said that Kemp wants to be an everyday center fielder and if the Dodgers cannot make that happen, Kemp would be open to a trade, according to a report from

"Whatever they want to do we're favorable to, as long as it gives him an opportunity to play every day," Stewart told "He'd like to eventually go back to center field. He's not opposed to right or left. But his hope at some point is to get back to center."

The Dodgers removed Kemp from center field for defensive reasons at the end of May. Carl Crawford injured his left ankle on May 28, and Kemp has been the everyday left fielder ever since. Kemp is batting .269 with eight home runs and 35 RBI this season.

Kemp is working on a year where his OPS+ is 114, 13 points fewer than his career average, with a .269 BA (vs. career .291). After hitting 39 HRs in his great 2011, Kemp hit 23 in 2012 and a sad 6 in 2013. He's on track for 14 or so this year. His defensive aptitude had had glimmers of potential that have been unrealized, certainly in this season (where I would guess Kemp is likely playing injured). And yet, Kemp (through is agent), is jockeying for an everyday position--which he had, based on not only his reputation and potential but also injuries to Carl Crawford--and then proceeded to lose, due to his sloppy fielding.

I like Kemp, and my guess is he's gutting through the pain and not saying much. But it's almost as bad to have your hired guard dog on the attack. Let's all mellow out a bit here, and let Kemp heal and regain his power swing and defensive potential; the rancor doesn't do any of us any good.


Fred's Brim said...

Who cares, shut the eff up and win some goddamn baseball games

stevealbuquerque said...

Trade him already as he will do more harm than good for the Dodgers. Kemp isn't the player or team player he once was - time to move on.