Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rox Misspell 15K Jerseys On Tulowitzki Jersey Night; Dinger Unscathed

If one fires Dinger (who is clearly behind this atrocity, with his jealousy of Troy Tulowitzki's star widely known), one can afford a proofreader.

The Colorado Rockies gave out 15,000 replica jerseys honoring All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki on Saturday night, but the back of them read "Tulowizki" instead -- minus the second "T."

The Rockies said they discovered the misspelling at some point, but instead of disappointing those looking forward to receiving the jersey, the team said in a statement that it decided to hand them out anyway.

"Is there something wrong with it?" fan Jordan Deuschleman asked, according to the Associated Press. "I didn't notice with the name being so long."

The Rockies plan to remake the jersey with the correct spelling later in the year, and fans can exchange Saturday night's for the new one at the stadium or at one of the team stores.

Fans who exchange the jersey also will get a free ticket to a future 2014 or '15 game.

"Many of the fans got here early. Took the shirt and left. They recognized it was a collector's item," usher Leon Thomas told the AP. "There were only so many handed out. They were gone fast."

What an insult. Tulo to even consider.

photo: AP / David Zalubowski


Dusty Baker said...

The fans who got their shirts and left were smart enough not to stay and watch the actual game. That would have been the worst part of their day.

Dusty Baker said...

Sounds like it's hard for the front office to keep their Witz about them these days.