Sunday, July 13, 2014

Post-Game 97 Thread: Say "I Gotta Believe"!


Say, didn't we just see this routine? Back-of-the-rotation (okay, middle of the rotation) starter (this time, Hyun-Jin Ryu) follows up a crappy outing with a solid shutout quality start? Dodgers offense fails to show much spark for most of the game? Except this time, instead of an A.J. Ellis walk-off sac fly, Yasiel Puig (not thrown out today for arguing strikes and balls) singled home Dee Gordon from third, in the sixth inning.

Dodgers win for the second day in a row 1-0, and though a 1-0 win over the Padres isn't anything to freestyle rap about, a one-game lead at the All-Star Break is pretty impressive (especially given where we had been earlier in the year). Actually, we are not only in first place in the division at the break, we also have the best record in the National League at the break. And by my count, we haven't even come close to hitting our stride just yet (or staying off the DL, for that matter). Wow. Say "I Gotta Believe!"


Fred's Brim said...

Stakes is high