Sunday, July 20, 2014

Post-Game 99 Thread: Dodgers Explode for Two Runs Again


Sorry to pinch Grant Brisbee's schtick in the headline there, but scoring two runs a game is like flushing the toilet after hearing that blorp blorp bubbling sound in the bathtub: It ends with shit everywhere.

For the sixth time in their last seven games, the Dodgers scored two runs or fewer. That strategy may work against the Padres, but not a real team like the Cardinals. Greinke had a rough first inning, allowing four runs, which was all the Cards needed. The Dodgers scratched out runs on RBIs by Hanley and Crawford, but the game was never close.

All-around terrible person Joe Kelly continued his Dodger-hunting ways, this time beaning Puig on the left hand in the third. Puig left the game in the eighth and x-rays were negative.

Oh, and did I mention the Dodgers are no longer in first place?