Saturday, May 29, 2010

Game 49 Thread: May 29 @ Rox, 5p

Hiroki Kuroda (5-2, 3.03) vs. Aaron Cook (1-3, 5.40).

COMMENTS: Once again, the sweet fruit of first place tantalizes us, but the reward will be hard fought. Kuroda is the Dodgers' most consistent starter, but Coors Field promises to be a Cold-Activated Battle. "In his only previous Coors Field start, he was pushed around for five runs in six innings. In four career starts against the Rockies, Kuroda is 0-2 with a 6.94 ERA," tells us.

Meanwhile, only a Dodgers win combined with a Padres loss to the Nationals will make this a first-place Saturday night, but the Nationals are basically flipping a coin to decide which of two Triple-A pitchers will start for them. Why couldn't they start Stephen Strasburg a little earlier?

Also: Lakers @ Suns, 5:30p PT on TNT. Go Purple & Gold!


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Spanky said...

Finally recovered from my heart attack. LAKERS BABY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dodgers Too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rbnlaw TIME! said...

Tantalus was a punk.

Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

Surprise, surprise, Plaschke wrote about the Lakers.

Steve Sax said...

There is no bandwagon Plaschke does not know.

Paul said...

Albuquerque Isotopes 36 140 8 39 .400 .416 .693

Just sayin. That is all.

Paul said...

Damn that didn't line up. Anyways. Good numbers. Just sayin.

Steve Sax said...

There is no bandwagon Plaschke does not know.

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