Wednesday, January 06, 2010

SoSG's Latest Money-Making Scheme: Real Estate

The recent launch of, flanking other espn city-specific websites for Boston, Chicago, and Dallas, only signals the opening salvos in the media network's attempt to take over the world. Which got us Sons thinking: why not get in the game with some real estate now, and then make a bundle later?

Some investment options for your consideration:

1. Home of the Cyclones:

2. Home of the Quakes:

3. Home of the Nuts:

4. Home of the Iowa Cubs:

5. Home of the Glacier Pilots (and their don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it season):

This is a better investment idea than publishing a detective novel entitled "V is for Victim". Get to it!


Josh S. said...

You might also want to sit on, in case they start covering podracing.

They might not though, what with their inner rim bias.

John G said..., which SHOULD cover the angels.

Orel said...

"Inner rim bias." Beautiful, Josh!