Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Case for Orel

No, not what our wives and girlfriends hear every night. Ba-dum boom!

The endorsements are pouring in for the SoSG 2010 campaign! Let's go to the tape. (Hits oversized prop button*.)

  • First, a note from longtime SoSG reader Loney Fan:
    Orel because he is hilarious. EK because...I like his style of humor. Also, EK and Orel provide much smaller and more humorous posts....Those posts make the site more fun, especially in times when I only have a few minutes to browse and am looking for a laugh.

    (Don't know how those kind words about EK slipped by. Won't happen again.) Thanks, LF! Hottest avatar ever!

  • And now some completely unbiased words from the learned "Dusty Baker":
    Orel is one of my Best Friends in Whole Wide World. He should remain one of the Sons forever and ever and ever.

    A tip o' the Scotch glass to you, Dusty!

  • And our esteemed colleagues at Pitchers & Poets have cast their vote....
    PnP officialy endorses SOSG Orel in the vicious Sons of Steve Garvey Survivor Contest

    Vicious? Perhaps. Viscous? Definitely.

Thanks and congratulations to these brave souls, who chose...wisely. Feel free to declare your support for your favorite Son via comment, e-mail or skywriter

UPDATE: Chris from has thrown his weight behind the fastest horse. Good call!

*R.I.P. George Michael!


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...


Orel: 8
Sax: 4
Delino: 2
AC: 2
Everyone Else: -2

Chris said...

Orel, you have my vote!

Orel said...

Thanks, Chris! Your taste in bloggers is as fine as your taste in baseball teams.

karina said...

Hmmm, Indiana Jones reference in your case...that's why some people create propaganda :)