Monday, January 25, 2010

The Real Reason Favre Threw the Pick

The Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince was so inspired by the Vikings' use of purple that he penned a new fight song for the now relaxing/aching Vikings. The result: six turnovers and a whole bunch of extra fumbles for good measure.

Not sure about you guys, but I've never heard a tune that made me want to jump more into battle... or throw myself on my own sword. With this song, the entire A-Side of Purple Rain* has been permanently erased from my mind.

*Please note: An A-side is an allusion to an archaic form of music known as a vinyl record.


Kyle Baker said...

What is this strange "vinyl record" of which you speak? How does a digital music file have two sides?

Fred's Brim said...

I heard they have MP3s on wax cylinders now

Erotic City is my favorite Prince song - lots of funkin going on in that one