Friday, January 15, 2010

Dodger Fans to Curse McCourt Name for Generations to Come?

The worst is not,
So long as we can say, 'This is the worst.'
"King Lear," Act IV, Scene I

Here are some choice Frank McCourt quotes from "McCourt: Divorce won't affect Dodgers" by Ken Gurnick at

"To repeat what I said in October, my personal situation and divorce has no bearing on the team whatsoever."

"As I've said, I own the team and we're moving forward as we have in the past six years."

"I own the team, it's not for sale and my hope someday is that my four boys will own the team."

Well, I hope they can put together a competitive bid! Ha ha, just kidding. In case you don't know who those four boys are, here's a recap from a 2005 USA Today profile on Jamie McCourt:

Drew, 23, has a degree in astrophysics from Columbia and is the Dodgers' director of marketing. Travis, 22, recently graduated from Georgetown and just joined the front office. Casey, 18, will be a freshman at Stanford. Gavin, 15, attends Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles and was a nationally ranked tennis player.

And what have some of those sons been doing since 2005? Here's a sampling of SoSG's coverage of the Sons McCourt:

Oh, and has Frank even asked his sons if they want to take over the family business? This 2005 profile of Drew "Fleece Blanket" McCourt by Jill Painter of the Daily News mentions Jeanie Buss as a mentor to Drew — not a bad start, as Buss herself was in a similar situation. But the article also said "Drew was noncommittal on his desire to run the team someday." Has Drew's acuity and resolve sharpened in the past five years? Or will Dodger Stadium become the backdrop to baseball's version of "King Lear"?


Steve K said...

I was watching the CBS2 news last night that had a Jim Hill interview with McCourt about the divorce where he said the exact same thing. It sent shivers down my spine when I heard it.