Thursday, January 21, 2010


I thought defending why I write for this blog to my wife was difficult. But now, with my neck on the chopping block, I have to turn to you... our loyal hordes of SoSG-maniacs to keep the dream alive.

Do you remember the dark days of SoSG, before Delino?

Life at SoSG after the Delino, like a Steven Seagal film, has been a non-stop pulsating thrill ride.

For the Delino brings so much to the Sons of Steve Garvey landscape.

An East Coast perspective

• Constantly bringing you the best videos in the universe (enjoy the University of Alaska's Ice Hockey team exceedingly surreal and violent entrance video... courtesy of Cubs sufferer Daniel G)

• Acts of charity and nobility

• A Master of Photoshop

A knowledge of Judaica and all things Semitic

A vote for the Delino is not just a vote for liberty and freedom, it's a vote for yourself. For I promise that if you vote for me, I will PERSONALLY send you an autographed Delino DeShields card.*
* Signed by "SoSG's Delino"... for all I know, the real Delino wants me dead.

I recently came into over 200 Delino DeShields cards. (It's really amazing what $5 on ebay can get you). So vote for me, and I'll cover the 45 cent stamp, the envelope, and the cost of Sharpie ink.

Top that Lasorda!

PS... In case you doubt the impact of the Delino, let me remind you what you'll find when you google-image the name Delino DeShields (which MILLIONS do every day).


Orel said...

Gotta say, the Delino is putting his postage where his mouth is.

rbnlaw said...

Good arguments, but the free card is the clincher.

Wesley Vento said...

The Alaska hockey video is the clincher. Epic WIN.

Jason said...

I knew polar bears were the real terrorists!

MeanieBreanie said...

I like how this man rolls. Which SoSG is going to up the ante?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

+4 for the physical manifestations of bribery.

Orel: 10
Sax: 6
Delino: 6
AC: 3
Everyone Else: -2

midnightdrive said...

Free card? I'm down. VOTE DELINO!

Greg Hao said...

Somewhat of a convincing post yet shouldn't the fact that Delino used a picture of himself in Cubs gear mean a no vote for Delino!?!

Greg Finley said...

How is an East Coast perspective a good thing?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

-1 for both Orel and Delino for avoiding my question. A new, more apt answer will redeem you of the -1, as well as grant you additional points based on the response.

Orel: 9
Sax: 6
Delino: 5
AC: 3
Everyone Else: -2

Greg Hao said...

@other greg, that's another damned good point!

personally, I think we should just scrap the whole voting thing and have the Sons pick straws. Then bring him back at the All Star Break with a neutron bomb threatening a hostile take over unless he's declared the Uber Son.

Orel said...


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

One of the two Gregs needs some kind of ID, like Erin #2

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Three cheers for Delino. La Chaim.

Steve Sax said...

Isn't the prospect of a free Delino card a disincentive?

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Sax - don't you dare taint my waters with your hate.

Orel said...

Classiest revision ever.