Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dodgers Close To Securing Matt Kemp?

MLB Trade Rumors reports the Dodgers are close to signing Gold Glove centerfielder Matt Kemp to a two-year, and possibly longer, deal:

4:09pm CT: Dylan Hernandez of the L.A. Times has more comments from Stewart, who expects Kemp to be signed by the Tuesday salary figure exchange date. Meanwhile, Dodgers president Dennis Mannion told Hernandez Ned Colletti is not being limited to two years for Kemp.

11:43am CT: Back on December 31st, we learned from's Ken Gurnick that the Dodgers opened multiyear contract discussions with center fielder Matt Kemp. Kemp's agent, Dave Stewart, said that if he and the Dodgers couldn't find common ground he was comfortable going year to year.

Interviewed on XM MLB Home Plate radio last night, Stewart told host Jim Bowden that he and the Dodgers are close to a two-year deal for Kemp (via Bowden's Twitter account). Stewart indicated he believes the Dodgers' ownership situation limited the number of years they could offer.'s Ken Gurnick has direct quotes from Stewart.

Here's some more color from Hernandez / LAT:

Stewart has said in the past that he believes young players can best maximize their earnings in the arbitration process and, as a result, should avoid signing multiyear deals until they become free agents after their sixth year of major-league service. Asked why he advised Kemp to explore a multiyear deal with the Dodgers, Stewart replied, "The ballclub is really, really motivated to do it. Any time the club shows it's motivated to do something for the player, it's a good thing. Second, you always want to get a young player an opportunity to put good money in his pocket."

Stewart speculated that the Dodgers didn't push to sign Kemp to a longer deal because of their uncertain ownership situation, but made it clear he wasn't told that by anyone with the club.

At the owners' meetings in Arizona today, Dodgers President Dennis Mannion said General Manager Ned Colletti has the freedom to sign Kemp to an even longer deal.

What a relief this would be for Dodgers fans to avoid arbritration with Kemp and have him locked up for multiple years! It kinda makes me want to kick back on my patio furniture and open up a Stella. Ella. Ella. Eh. Eh. Eh.


Kyle Baker said...

2010 bobblehead lineup: Andre Ethier (5/18), Jonathan Broxton (6/8), James Loney (7/20) and Matt Kemp (8/17)

We may have to have one of these be the 5th starter (the bobble, not the player).

Josh S. said...

I want a Broxton bobblebelly.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I hear the James Loney bobblehead will only perform well outside of Dodger Stadium.

Kyle Baker said...

I already have a Broxton bobblebelly.

Kyle Baker said...

We might have to somehow secure or weigh down the Ethier bobble, because he has a tendency to walk off.

Kyle Baker said...

Oh, and why another Kemp bobble? Wish they would either do a Dodger legend or, if we still have him, Flat Breezy.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

The Broxton bobblehead shakes more than usual when placed next to a Phillies bobblehead.