Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Top 5 Reasons To Keep Cora

5. I went to more games than any of my "brothers" last year (I think). Below is a shot of me helping a friend find his seat at the stadium.

4. Now that the Dodgers don't have a proven second baseman, I could get traded from the Mets and do dual time on the diamond and on the blog. And I would devote more time on the blog because seriously how much time do I REALLY spend on the playing field. Look at my INTENSITY.

3. My 18-pitch, 13-minute-56-second, 14-consecutive-foul-ball, one-home-run at bat ranks up there with Gibby's homer, Koufax's perfect game, and Fernandomania (ok, well maybe not, but come on, I have only 35 homers in my career).

2. What other son has a mug shot?

And the number one reason to keep Alex Cora...

1. You can't spell ALex without the LA!!!

So don't vote for me, or wait, vote for me to stay...or vote for others to leave...crap, what the hell are the rules again?


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

I say...+2

Orel said...

I have to admit, #3 is huge.

Kyle Baker said...

#3 was indeed a life-changing moment for me. [Note to Mrs. Dusty if she's reading this post: That moment paled in comparison to the sweet, sweet matrimony we undertook together in October 1998] [Note to AC: I had my fingers crossed when I said that to Mrs. Dusty]