Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keith Law Rates Dodgers' Farm System 19th

Not exactly a ringing endorsement over at (insider only, no link):

19. Los Angeles Dodgers

They have almost nothing at the upper levels, but are overflowing with power arms below that. Possibly the best organization at converting players from one position to another, or from hitting to pitching, or vice versa.

The Rangers took the top slot, with the Braves (#5) the top NL team. The Astros, Cardinals, and White Sox took the last three spots (with the White Sox last at #30).

In the NL West, the Rockies are at #8 ("A solid mix of high-end arms like Tyler Matzek and Rex Brothers, tools prospects like Hector Gomez and Wilin Rosario, and safer college guys like Tim Wheeler"), Padres at #11 ("The Padres' low-A affiliate and extended spring rosters will be stacked with prospects between their 2009 draft class and their stable of young Latin American signings"), Giants at #20 ("The Giants still have two to four very high-ceiling guys, but the supporting cast is thinner than it looked a year ago"), and Snakes at #27 ("The system was all but barren before that draft, however, and it's going to take some time for that new talent to percolate on to the master ranking").

Our thin upper levels are mainly because all those guys are playing in the Show, but we've heard that excuse for three years now and it's time the next corps graduates and gets up there. Without Ned trading them away, that is.


Wesley Vento said...

I read this yesterday and was pretty disappointed.

With Frank's lackluster desire to spend in free agency (though, to be fair this seemed to be a very weak FA year), coupled with all the good young prospects already on the big league roster, the long term future seems bleak. Kind of hard to imagine what with all the fan support and the large market, that the Dodgers don't have a better system in place for the future. Its nice to have young players emerging (Kemp, Ethier, Kershaw, Billingsley, Broxton, and er Martin), but its more comforting when you know there's a support structure in place to replenish the ranks, you know?

I'm still pissed about the Carroll/Belliard signings because they make NO SENSE AT ALL. The Dodgers front office decisions seem confused and without direction. If Brandon Webb returns to form, and the Rockies continue what they began in the middle of last season, the Dodgers are in a world of trouble.

Wesley Vento said...

Kieth Law also just posted his Top 100 prospects. Dodgers have 2 in the Top 100. 2. Nice.

MR.F said...

30 teams, top 100. Average team has 3.33 prospects in the top 100. For a 19th-ranked farm system, 2 sounds about right.

Orel said...

Rex Brothers?

Jason said...

@Orel - Nah, just a distant relative of Ringling Brothers, Brooks Brothers, Lehman Brothers, Smothers Brothers, Neville Brothers and Jonas Brothers.

Steve Sax said...

Rex Mason?

Kyle Baker said...

Don't disrespect Brooks Brothers. Those dudes make great no-iron shirts that more than pay for themselves in saved trips to the cleaners.

Greg Zakwin said...

Rex Brothers is a truly sick name.

Oh, and just think about a system led by Carlos Santana and Josh Bell.

Two of the worst trades in the organization's history, and that's saying something considering some of the other shitastic trades we've seen over the years.