Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Dodgers Promotional Dates Of Note

Hopefully this is an indication that we'll be coming to contract terms with the guys getting bobbleheads and action figures, as they all merit giveaway status as well as long-term deals:

May 18, Andre Ethier, 7p vs. Houston Astros
June 8, Jonathan Broxton, 7p vs. NLDS-losing Cardinals
July 20, James Loney, 7p vs. San Francisco Giants
August 17, Matt Kemp, 7p vs. Colorado Rockies

June 3, Matt Kemp, 7p vs. Atlanta Braves
July 8, Andre Ethier, 7p vs. Chicago Cubs
July 22, Manny Ramirez, 7p vs. New York Mets

May 4, 7p vs. Brewers
September 21, 7p vs. Padres

Thanks to SoSG reader Dusty Baker for the headsup!


MR.F said...

Thanks! I can play my visits to LA in advance.

MR.F said...

plan*. I was too excited at the prospect of a Matt Kemp action figure to type correctly.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Clearly the Dodgers know who their audience is. Baseball die-hards and action figures, absolute genius.

Steve Sax said...

The real question is, how many points of articulation?

Kyle Baker said...

I want a Bowa bobble!

Kyle Baker said...

Sister-in-law just made a good point: Why no Kershaw bobble? He can start Game 1 NLCS but can't get a bobble?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Clayton Kershaw's not up for arbitration.

Kyle Baker said...

Go here:

Excellent video of "Kevin" from THE OFFICE - big Dodger fan - on the show's set, talking about bobbleheads.

Be sure also to catch a related video on the making of bobbleheads found on this page. Sorry, not a good way to send specific links.