Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SoSG Campaign 2010: The Great Debate (Part 1)

A quorum of the Sons have agreed to participate in a debate, where YOU the SoSG readers get to pick the questions! Rules of the debate are as follows:

  • 1. SoSG readers have until the end of day today, January 20, to submit your questions by posting them as a comment for this post (alternatively, for those of you who prefer a more discreet channel, you can email your questions to us at the address on the sidebar);
  • 2. I will compile the list of questions (which may be edited due to space constraints, appropriateness, etc.; all decisions are final), and then publish the list of questions (not to exceed 20 in total) in a separate post which will run on Thursday, January 21;
  • 3. Sons will then have until the end of Thursday to post their own responses to the questions.

Unlike in a real debate, there is no time limit constraining the Son when answering the questions. On top of that, unlike in a real debate, members of the audience (the readers) can chip in real-time with their comments (positive and negative).

Chaos is bound to ensue. Let's see how it goes! Post your questions for the Sons, SoSG readers!


Jimbo said...

Zombies: fast, slow, or dancing (WILD CARD, BITCHES!)?

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Here's the question:

If I submit a question here, would you EVER consider editing it for content purposes, and if so why?

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Another question:

If you were on a desert island with Dusty (SOSG commentor), RBNLAW, Mr. Customer, and Neeebs, which one would you kill and eat if you were starving and there was no more food?

Jimbo said...

@ Neebs:

This campaign is getting much more cannibalistic than Clinton vs. Obama!

what_difference_does_it_make said...

Two part question, First How bad do you want to stay on, second what lengths are you willing to go to keep it?

Loney Fan said...

Question 1: If your significant other had Benjamin Button disease, at what age would you stop having sex with him/her?

Question 2: When is the next team contest and do you plan on rigging it so that I will win?

Nostradamus said...

I have but three questions to ask.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your quest?
3. What is your favourite color?

Nostradamus said...

^or colour, given the context.

karina said...

what campaign?

karina said...

I have serious questions:

will we have game threads again?


Star Wars content?

will Harrison Ford and Joe Mauer make the frontpage again?

Orel said...


Paul said...

Question 1: when was your first dodger game and what was the outcome?

Question 2: have you ever actually drank brass monkey?

Question 3: favorite Maniliow song?

QuadSevens said...

1. How do you order your scotch?
2. Who is your favorite minor Simpson's character and why?
3. Provide a limerick based on the Dodgers off season signings of one of the following players: Kemp, Broxton, Ethier, Loney, Billingsley, or Flay Breezy.

Steve Sax said...

Flay Breezy? Did George Sherrill start a Food Network show?

Jason said...

1) Ned calls and offers you the opportunity to put together a contract offer to a free agent. The constraints are as follows:
* Contract can cover 1 or 2 years sticking to current precedent though you may defer payments through 2012.
* The team budget will be $100 million in 2010 and $85 million in 2011-12 (damn divorce!). You may spread out value as you see fit but your offer will constrict Ned's ability to offer contracts during the duration of your proposed contract.
* The Dodgers roster and the free agent pool as of 3 pm PDT on 20-Jan-2010 applies.

What is your offer and to whom? Explain how you expect this to effect the Dodgers of 2010 and beyond.

2) (EK only) What ever happened to the Flo vs. Deltalina prize? My Deltalina Fathead-less wall looks awfully barren.

Kyle Baker said...

"Who is your favorite minor Simpson's character and why?"

Beaitiful, 4-7s! That's how I judge most people, in fact.

@ Neeebs-
The desert island question made me laugh out loud on the plane, leading to scornful looks from my seatmate and the airline assistant (or whatever they want to be called these days). Nicely played!

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Jay or Conan?

MR.F said...

1) You decide to attend Jedi training school. Do you align yourself with the light side or the dark side?

2) After learning the basics of the Force, you must choose to specialize. What force power do you focus on? What is your signature way of using said force power?

3) You have finished Jedi training school, you are given the chance to build your own lightsaber from scratch. What color and customizations do you choose?

4) Fill in the blank. Your promising career as a Jedi/Sith is cut short because ____.

5) You are kicked out of the Jedi/Sith order. You must now choose a new career in the Star Wars universe. What career do you choose?

6) Though you try to keep your lightsaber as a keep-sake/lockpick, it is eventually confiscated from you. What non-lightsaber weapon do you decide to spend your severance-package credits on?

7) You leverage your new weapon to "acquire" a space-faring vehicle. How did you go about this? What type of vehicle is it?

8) Your new vehicle makes you especially popular among the Cantina-hopping females. What species of female do you choose as your companion.

9) You take an impromptu vacation to a faraway system on the other side of the galaxy. Which system is your choice destination for a dream vacation?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Time for some real thought provoking questions. You will answer me these questions three.

Question the first: You are trapped at the end of a tunnel. A horde of Giants fans are pursuing you. You find three weapons at your disposal: an Atlas of the country Tanzania, the lost memoirs of Rutherford B. Hayes, and a figure made out of fusilli pasta shaped like Jerry Seinfeld. What do you use to make your escape, and how?

Question the Second: A person approaches you and asks you to prove the existence of Frank McCourt's cash flow. How do you respond while using the Scopes Monkey Trial as a reference?

Question the Third: While watching TV, you stumble across an infomercial advertising the newest product, the Snug-Wow: a combination of the Snuggie and the Sham-Wow. When seeing this, who is the first Dodger from the 1981 season that comes to mind, and why?

Paul said...


Clarance Darrow..... Clarance Darrow now that is name that brings back my failure in the historical metaphors/beer drinking championship of 2001.

Nostradamus said...


Now how could you have an event like that an not invite me, fer chrisakes?!

QuadSevens said...

Damn typos! "Flat" Breezy, not "Flay." Spending too much time reading South Park wikipedia articles today to catch any spelling mistakes. Hmmm...

4. You're directing an episode of South Park. How would you kill Kenny in a baseball related fashion?

Kyle Baker said...

There was a beer drinking championship in 2001? And I wasn't part of it? Can I submit my certified proof late?

Paul said...


2001 was pre-SOSG but come 2010 you will be a favorite to win for sure.


beer drinking and historical metaphors. After you take a drink you have to compare the taste to a historical event or historical person of significance. I will have to tell you the story about the whether Gary Coleman was a person of historical significance and how he was like a last taste of new castle...heated debate it was.

We will have to do a 2010 SOSG version this season for sure.

Nostradamus said...


Come now, everyone knows that Newcastle is like Winston Churchill. Both surprisingly competent when they're into a bottle.

Steve Sax said...

@Mr. C: Gary Coleman, when in a bottle, is still unsurprisingly incompetent.

(However, he can't make CashCall commercials from inside a bottle, so at least we've got that.)

Steve Sax said...

Gary Cole, on the other hand, rocks the house. Mmm, yeahhhhhhhh.

Nostradamus said...


Coleman - you can hardly expect a tiny guy with bad kidneys to hold his liquor. Unless you just meant literally inside a bottle, which would be a really inconvenient situation.

Cole - Yeah, I got that memo.