Friday, January 22, 2010

Orel's Sexy Bribe of the Day

The campaigning continues! I may have lost a looker, but I also gained some key endorsements. And despite the strong competition, I'm soldiering on. For the gents:

SofĂ­a Vergara. We just started watching "Modern Family" — now you have reasons to as well.

And ladies, don't let it be said I ignore suggestions; in fact, I can be quite observant and I also keep my promises:

2009 AL MVP Joe Mauer!

2009 AL MVP Joe Mauer in his catching gear!

2009 AL MVP Joe Mauer in a stripey sweater!


Shawn Green said...


Orel: 10
Sax: 9
Delino: 5
AC: 3
Everyone Else: -3

Jason said...

Tony Jackson profiles Kim Ng:

Apparently Kim intimidates a lot of agents. Maybe Orel can use her to negotiate his position as a Son.

Steve Sax said...

I now have two reasonsto watch Modern Family. Thanks, Orel!

karina said...

Wow, thank ypu very much! excellent eye candy!

MeanieBreanie said...

Amends are sweet. Kudo's to Orel for evening the score with the ladies by posting more than one picture (although Joe's striped shirt really must go).