Friday, January 22, 2010

Jason the FvD Winner Finally Gets Paid

And no, this isn't a bribe. Jason won the Flo vs. Deltalina competition fair and square, and I am proud to announce that his prize is finally on its way!

In the prize pack, Jason will receive:

  • two issues of the Dodgertown mini-magazine pamphlets;
  • two Dodgers magnet schedules;
  • one Dodgers LA logo bandana;
  • and one mint condition (if there is such a thing) Dodgers rally towel (from either the NLDS or NLCS, I can't recall which game).

Jason, thank you for your patience, and enjoy!


Kyle Baker said...

Nice bandana!

Fred's Brim said...

looks a lot like a banana hammock

Jason said...

Sax +50
EK +5 (for running the whole FvD thing)

MeanieBreanie said...

A bribe for a vote, now there's a new concept. You could trump DeShields and take the lead by offering a similar package to your SoSG reader base. My German Shepherd, Sir Baron Von Lix-a-Lot would kill for a bandana like that (death by licks of appreciation).

Greg Hao said...

So, by inference, can we deduce that the bandana _has_ been used?

Steve Sax said...

Sax -25 for having delivered this prize so late, though

@Greg: how do you define "used"? (just kidding, it is also unused / mint condition. The towel, however, also has a MLB hologram sticker)

Greg Hao said...

Aww, see, I would've been like +25 for Steve if he gave up an used bandana that might hold DNA sample that could eventually serve as evidence in your trial of wiping out your fellow brothers. Heh.

Jason said...

As far as anyone on eBay will know that is a genuine, game game-used Manny bandanna and the autograph that will be found on it will be legit. I'll use the MLB hologram sticker to prove authenticity.

Steve Sax said...

Jason, that is frickin' brilliant!

Mental note to me: don't bid on that item