Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin and Jackie and Hank

And from the Daily News (h/t VSIMH):

Martin Luther King Jr. Day will be observed Monday with the 25th annual Kingdom Day Parade and school beautification efforts in Van Nuys and East Los Angeles, all under the threat of rain. [...]

A group of Los Angeles Dodger minor leaguers are also scheduled to ride in the parade.

"The Dodgers are very proud to be a part of the Kingdom Day Parade for the second consecutive year," said Josh Rawitch, the team's vice president of communications. "Dr. King once told Don Newcombe that his efforts and the efforts of Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella, helped make his work in the civil rights movement that much easier.

"Today, we feel it's important that our young prospects understand the importance of Dr. King's success and the role that the Dodger organization played in the integration of baseball more than 60 years ago."

(Thanks to Dusty for the prompt!)


Orel said...

Let me just get this out of the way:

Oh my God, why don't you start a MLK blog and report his news on that blog.

Orel said...

P.S.: Turns out MLK knew a little about public speaking.

Kyle Baker said...

Took this photo recently near Pasadena City Hall, where there is a monument to Pasadena's own Robinson brothers.

Orel said...

Very nice, DB.