Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Much Will Lincecum Across?

Reigning NL Cy Young champ Tim Lincecum filed for arbitration Friday. He earned a paltry $650,000 last season "and figures to earn $10 million or more this year," according to the AP article at ESPN.com. And some sources are speculating $20 million may be a possibility*.

Teams and players' agents can start exchanging proposed salary figures today. What bill do you think the Giants will get stuck with?

*But not if Kim Ng were on the case!

UPDATE 1/20/10 8a (Sax): Lincecum asked for $13M, which would be the richest contract ever awarded in arbitration. The Giants offered $8M. Most SoSG readers correctly picked the range of $10-$15M, so you guys were spot on.

Let's hope Timmah wins the case and bleeds the Giants dry. Or loses, and is pissed off at the team forever.