Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Community of Homeboys

Sadly, Roberto of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy is taking a medical hiatus from blogging. But you know what should make him feel better? The love he's gotten from his internet peeps. There were the virtual get-well cards from Jon Weisman and Josh Rawitch, followed by an impressive outpouring of support in the comments section of VSIMH.

And deservedly so — VSIMH has gone through several iterations, but Roberto seems to have found a niche as the go-to blogger for all things Dodger live appearance/autograph signing-related. But even more gratifying is the variety of folks who took the time to post messages to Roberto: readers, other bloggers and even a player (who also blogs — more on him soon).

Which serves as a nice reminder that sometimes we're not just an impressive list of blogs, but a bunch of bloggers and readers that includes a lot of really cool people. Sure, even the Dodger blogosphere has its own communities — Inside the Dodgers and The Big Blue Wrecking Crew, for example — but it makes me all warm and fuzzy when everybody gets behind something other than the team on the field.

So get well soon, Roberto — there are a lot of homebodies pulling for you!


Kyle Baker said...

Thinking Blue for Roberto. Get well, soon, homeboy!