Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Angels Trump Dodgers' Nickelback Offer

While the Dodgers troll around in the dregs that is Nickelback, the Angels are sporting a 2010 ticket package that features a free ticket to U2's 360 tour (U2 is playing at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on June 6 and 7, 2010).

Angels beat the Dodgers in a landslide. Not even close.


MeanieBreanie said...

I wonder if Mike had any influence with that decision. Having met Bono and Edge, I can say that despite all the fame and adoration they are very humble souls. Edge said to me in what had to have been the understatement of the decade "tonight should be a good show". Dodger fans shouldn't be disappointed, there's no shame in Nickelback. THEY ROCK! This Texas girl would love to hit CA and catch both!

BTW SS,I stumbled on your blog by accident. You and I know each other but it's been many years. Is there way to connect offline? I would like to catch up with you.