Tuesday, January 05, 2010

50% Chance Dodgers Are Considering Chien-Ming Wang

At least, if you believe the numbers purported by Chien-Ming Wang's agent, who says 15 teams are in the hunt for Wang. Wang, who led the league in 2006 with 19 wins, only had one win in 9 starts last year and a 9.64 ERA. Still, he's only 29 years old, and if he recovers from the foot injury that hampered him in 2008 and the shoulder injury from last year, there's always hope:

Wang became a free agent when the Yankees failed to offer a contract for next season.

Wang met with Dr. James Andrew on Monday and was told he can throw off a mound in 6-8 weeks. Andrews repaired a tear in the right shoulder capsule during arthroscopic surgery on July 29. [...] Wang missed the final 3½ months of the 2008 season, then allowed 23 runs in six innings over three starts when he returned last season. He went back on the disabled list, then returned in late May to make three relief appearances and six starts before his season was ended by shoulder pain.

Wang hasn't pitched since July 4 of last year. Yeah, I know it's ridiculous to think that the Dodgers would be in a bidding war for anyone these days, let alone a starting pitcher (which we need) who was a real live sensation at one point. But foraging around the scrap heap sounds like a plausible M.O. for this GM, on the other hand, right?


Greg Zakwin said...

Why exactly are wins being used to judge a pitcher?

This isn't LA Dodger Talk, right?

Too soon?

Kyle Baker said...

"Why exactly are wins being used to judge a pitcher?"

-- Randy Wolf's agent to Milwaukee GM re: his 2009 season

Steve Sax said...

Exhibit 2: Derek Lowe's Dodger years