Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Value of a Team Photographer

Andre Ethier hits his walkoff homer Monday.

Oftentimes I'll be searching for a photo of a player's home run swing only to find that photographers have captured the post-homer bits: the trot around the bases or the dugout congratulations. It makes sense: Even though they're all on digital now, photographers can't capture every single swing. Which is why a photographer who knows the team he's covering is at an advantage — he can make more educated guesses as to when to shoot.

Take Jon SooHoo, the Dodgers' official photographer. (The O-Dog poster? That's his.) SooHoo knows Andre Ethier has a penchant for walkoff hits. So in the 13th inning of Monday's game, who was the only photographer to get a shot of Ethier's winning swing? And an awesome shot at that? Look at the above photo and see if you don't think SooHoo is one of the best. Who knows how many extraneous shots he ended up with after the game, but he got the one that counts.

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Alex Cora said...

When I was at the game last night, they had a Dodger Photos video on Diamond Vision. It was all SooHoo photos. His signature was on the last of slides. Was great! (they didn't do the kiss cam either).

MR.F said...

As someone who tries to attempt to dabble in photography, I enjoy these posts.

Eric Stephen said...

Well said, Orel.

Jon SooHoo is outstanding. I had the pleasure of speaking with him twice this season: once in Glendale, and once during one of the press box outings. He is a very cool dude.

The one downfall of MLB Advanced Media controlling all the websites, is that each site has to fit a certain rubric. Which means a club can't properly utilize the advantage of having such a great photographer like SooHoo. A lot of the shots on the front page are AP photos, or perhaps sponsor-driven, so most of Jon's work gets pushed to the bottom corner of the site.

I'm sure you guys know this at SOSG, but Jon doesn't mind if we use his photos, as long as we note the photographer. I'm happy to do it when possible, if just to highlight his great work.

Falling LEAVes said...

Hopefully this link works ... but here's the view from where I was sitting!

Falling LEAVes said...