Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dodgers to Re-Bobble Manny

Manny bobbleheads of the past.

First the BobbleSlam got posterized; now it's going to get re-bobbleated. Roberto from Vin Scully Is My Homeboy had the news first:

Just sent a e-mail to the Dodgers PR dept and just got a confirmation. The Dodgers will be giving away another Man-Ram bobblehead. It will be given away on September 16. It's a Day game. No plans to change it to a night game. The Bobblehead will be of Manny Ramirez giving a curtain call to the fans. It will show the date "July 22, 2009" somewhere on the Bobblehead. They are in the final stages of planning it and announcing it. So you might want to wait until Dodgers.com announce it before you buy the tickets. I'm sure it will be September 16

And Michael Becker of the Press-Enterprise blog confirms it. Although Manny's BobbleSlam was indeed a great moment, I sincerely hope that by the time September 16 rolls around, it won't be the latest great moment we'll be celebrating.


Josh S. said...

What, no picture of Manny's current Dodger bobblehead?

Kyle Baker said...

*Hurriedly changing plans for my planned business trip*

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Who's that guy on the bottom? Looks more like (insert name of any man here)

Ken said...

they are really centering their promotions on manny this year

first with the august 5th posternight
and now this bobblehead night

i dont remember a time the Dodgers would just randomly add a bobblehead or any promotion just in the middle of the season, especially to commemorate what one particular player did recently

Ken said...

oh yea the bottom one with the world series trophy looks like delino

JL said...

lol the last dodger bobble heads i got were Shawn Green and Hideo Nomo :P

i dont need manny. day game, eh. i have school. cant miss

im gonna get kemp in august