Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh, the Smugness

From "Slugger Andruw Jones wants to prove he’s not done" at Yahoo! Sports:

Now 32, [Andruw] Jones is a part-time player in Texas trying to prove that what once seemed to be a sure-bet Hall of Fame career isn’t done yet.

"Every year when I have a goal, it's just to have a better year than I had the year before," Jones said, a slight grin creeping onto his face before finishing his thought. "I think that's kind of accomplished already."

(Emphasis mine.) You bet that was accomplished already, Andruw. It was accomplished the first time you visited the bathroom after signing with the Rangers.


Delino DeShields, Sr said...

After his comment, Andruw Jones used an eighteen million dollar bill to light his cigarette. "Money well wasted. Both times"

rbnlaw said...

Again we are reminded just why we call this steaming pile of crap, Douche Mode. I hope he finds success in Japan next year.

MR.F said...

What a heartless bastard.

Loney Fan said...

Where are the random drug tests when you really need them? Manny goes about business as usual and gets busted. His Royal Fatness goes from batting like a five year old girl with a shit-eating grin on her face to this in one off season? I think we need a campaign. Free Andruw Jones Hair Folical?