Thursday, July 30, 2009

100SS: Day 2 Results

Another rollicking day in 100SS (as you recall, rules are posted here).

Here's my count (but please let me know in these comments if I've missed any calls):

100: Eric Karros +100, Alex Cora -10

200: Mr LA SF +200, J Steve -20, Koufax -40, Orel -60 (I am not knocking Erin #2 given she called "100" rather than "200"--going forward, miscalling the hundred will not be awarded points, either)

300: J Steve +300, Mr LA SF -30, Erin #2 -60

400: Eric Karros +400, J Steve -40 and -80, Mr LA SF -120

500: unclaimed +500, fanerman -100

600: rbnlaw +600, Mr LA SF -60, Erin #2 -120

700: Orel +700, rbnlaw -70

800: Mr LASF +800 (wow!), rbnlaw -80

Mr LA SF vaults into first place with 760; Eric Karros has 700, Orel has 640, and rbnlaw 450. Sidebar will be updated.

***not sure if Erin and Erin #2 are the same person; please indicate in the comments if I should combine***

Good luck today!


Eric Karros said...

MLASF: it is on.

Sax, what happened to the 10% bonus for using the word 'bitches' in my claim comment?

rbnlaw said...

Half a click away from claiming 800 and everlasting glory.

Oh, and don't think your slight of my 600 point pick will go unnoticed, EK. I will lurk. Oh yes, I will lurk.

MR.F said...

Damn. -100 already.

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

You're going down, EK.