Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twilight's Last Gleaming

Manny hits a home run against the Reds in Monday's game.

"Hey Raffy, nice shades. Can I try 'em on? Hey Raffy. Hey Raffy. Why aren't you saying anything? Hey Raffy."

The coach, the owner and the mayor before last night's game.

Rafael Furcal completes the 6-½ putout.

Casey Blake & Russell Martin and the Temple of Doom.

A classy Randy Wolf acknowledges the crowd.

first photo by Juan Ocampo/Dodgers; all other photos by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


QuadSevens said...

Is it just me, or do Pete Carroll and Frank McCourt look a lot alike?

Steve Sax said...

Shoot, I was really hoping this post would be about that dreamy vampire guy. Oh well.

Steve Sax said...

AZ 3 COL 2 Top7

Josh S. said...

I'm in that first picture! Really!

Josh S. said...

COL 4 AZ 3 Final.

And Timmy is going for the Giants today. That should be a win.

Wesley Vento said...

Pete Carroll? I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.