Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dodgers Abandoning Starter Search; Focusing on Relief Help?

The July 31 deadline is only eight short days away, and word is that the Dodgers are looking for relievers, not starters. Buried in Jayson Stark's column about trade deadline myths is the news that the Dodgers are going for bullpen support:

• Dodge-ball: Clubs that have spoken with the Dodgers report they've back-burnered their hunt for another starter. Instead, they're all over the bullpen market. The Rumblings Espionage Bureau reports they've been spotted scouting the Pirates (Matt Capps and John Grabow), Blue Jays (Scott Downs and Jason Frasor), Reds (Arthur Rhodes and David Weathers) and Orioles (Sherrill). Among others.

Arthur Rhodes? Yikes. Can we, uh, not do a deal for a forty-year old reliever whose 1.67 ERA is such an aberration, being almost two and a half runs below his career ERA average?


rbnlaw said...

Agree. If Kuo comes back and is effective, why shop talent? There have been some short relievers put on waivers in recent weeks. We should give one or two of those guys a try first.

Besides, is there anyone on the A's staff we could be interested in? They give guys away at this time of year.

StolenMonkey86 said...

Rhodes is not the most glaring name on there: Matt Capps sucks donkey balls. Dude has a WHIP of 1.688, ERA of 5.63. We could only hope he could be as good as Danys Baez. If anything, he'd be another round of Tim Hamulack. That we'd give up Xavier Paul for.

I don't think there's anyone good on the trade market, but Ned Colletti will feel compelled to do something. I just hope it's not stupid.

rbnlaw said...

Also buried in that column; Davy Lopes with an 83% SB success rate. Tops all-time for 2nd basemen.