Monday, July 27, 2009


Ah! As soon as you enter the room, you are met with a warm feeling that seems to engulf the room. Standing in front of you is the following visual:

Although confused, you know you have stumbled upon a milestone in your journey. As you and Jasmine take a moment to enjoy the room's warmth, you notice two pieces of paper on the floor. You pick up the first one and read the following:

_____ through the _____ to the _____ _____
Four _____ deep, and _____ through each
The _____ letters of ______ you ______
Translated _____ which “_____“ you ____

What? Very cryptic. Hidden Bonus Hint #4 (2:07pm): When carrying out the instructions written in the 3rd line of the above poem, for those who've figured it out, you should include this room as well.

You then read the second note:

The route taken here you must heed,
For lined it is with those you need.
For in their homes a Son did speak,
The 12 missing words that you now seek.

You look again at Jasmine, who reciprocates your confused glance. "What does it mean?" she asks.

You don't know, although you clearly have hit a crossroads in the hedgemaze. And oddly, you survey the room again and realize there is no exit. Even the way through which you entered seems to have disappeared. "I don't know," you finally reply, trying to sound encouraging. "Let's figure it out."

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