Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Game 79 vs. Rockies, July 1: Post-Game Quotes


  • On close games: "The thing that's good — it's not good for my health, obviously — when you win close games, especially now over the last few days, when we've really been scuffling to score runs, it shows me that we may bend but we don't break. We're able to just keep it together even though we're fighting ourselves at times. But the fact that these kids can come out of the bullpen and do what they've been doing, that's really been the big reason why we've won so many close games."
  • On Rafael Furcal: "I'm so happy for Fooky because he's been struggling, he feels he's letting everybody down. In fact, I reminded him before the game, I said, 'We're twenty games over .500 and you're not happy with what you've done so far.' That's pretty good. I know in my playing days, when I had a bad day or a bad week, if we were winning ballgames, it didn't hurt quite as much. You try for perspective in this game. Where I'm sitting, that's the only thing I have to do."
  • On the approaching Manny Ramirez circus: "We've got a chance to put the tents up here [Friday]. We're in first place, we've played well, we're getting some attention, so that's full of some distraction too. We're aware of the crowd that Manny draws. We're prepared for it. Again, it's a distraction and we can't ignore the fact that it's going to be there, but we're ready for him to come back."
  • On handling the distractions: "I think it's more 'dealing with' than 'handling.' It's something that you pretty much have to let flow instead of trying to find a good reason for it happening. It's something that's just part of my job. My experience in New York certainly doesn't hurt."
  • On Manny sinking or swimming: "I'm going to throw him back in initially, but I think I have to monitor his playing time and I have to have a conversation with him letting him know. He may want to play more than physically he's capable of at this point in time. I think we have to just play this thing by ear. [Friday] we'll throw him in there and we'll see how he feels."
  • Torre had a conversation in passing with Juan Pierre about his diminished role. "He just shook his head with a smile on his face, and certainly is aware of his situation in regards to this ballclub with Manny coming back. Again, the bottom line is things seem to happen that are supposed to happen. If somebody breaks down — we don't want that to happen — he's there for us. We'll certainly try to keep him sharp by getting him in games here and there."
  • Torre anticipates returning to having 13 pitchers on the roster, which he thinks would translate into more opportunities for Pierre off the bench.
  • After the game the Dodgers designated Mitch Jones for assignment and optioned A.J. Ellis (presumably to Albuquerque). Several Dodger players and personnel members were seen wishing Jones well after the game.
  • On Clayton Kershaw: "He must have known something, walking the pitcher twice, because I decided to pitch to him and he hit a line drive to right-center field. Shows how smart I am. Kershaw was sort of one of those in-and-out guys today. Not very often you're going to walk more guys than you strike out, as hard as he throws. But he keeps battling. But the guys who come out of that bullpen have been doing a remarkable job for us. Belisario with two, Troncoso and Broxton, when he's had the opportunities, has done a good job."
  • On stretching the bullpen: "You certainly would like seven innings from your starters. This month has been a little easier because of all the off-days we've had....I'm not worried about it in the short-term. Unless we can lengthen out our starters a little bit, it could turn into a concern."
  • On Jason Hammel: "I remember seeing him when he was in Tampa. Kid always had good stuff but didn't know really what to do with it. He obviously found out."


  • On Torre's leadership: "The-man's-been-around-He's-been-around-for-a-long-time-and-he's-been-around-a-lot-of-situations-that-are-much-more-worse-than-that-So-he-knows-how-to-handle-it-He's-the-man-for-that-He's-the-perfect-manager,-perfect-man-He-takes-the-pressure-off-everybody."*


  • On the Rockies: "You can see why they're doing so well. Every pitcher is pitching lights-out for them. Last night Marquis and today with Hammel, they both have great sinkers. They both were able to get strike one and his curveball today was pretty impressive too."
  • On a team effort: "I think that's the way the team works. Offense has been great all year, and if they're struggling, it's our job to pick them up just like they would do for us if we're having a bad game or not pitching well. It's happened already this year. I think it's a testament to how good this team can be."


  • On a team effort: "That's the thing about a long year — stretches where it's pitching and there are other stretches where hitters are toting us and you've just got to grind it and go with it."**


  • On winning without Manny: "We're a good team. That's the main thing, team emphasis. We don't have a guy that leads all categories. We have one guy that leads in this, one guy leads in another category. You don't know who it's going to be that night."
  • On getting past the Manny hype: "One game, that's all we're looking forward to. Doesn't matter — you can ask a hundred questions. As long as we're playing hard and finding a way to outscore the other team."
  • On answering the same questions over and over and over and over: "Just put a sign up and I'll write in the answers for you guys. That way you can just pick it up and take it with you."


  • On his game-winning hit: "I feel good, especially winning the game, coming in a clutch situation where we needed that run. Making a big hit to win the game made me so happy."
  • On the pitch he hit: "It was a good pitch. It wasn't an easy pitch. That pitch, if I don't swing at that pitch, I think it goes on the ground."
  • On the return of Manny: "Everybody's happy to get Manny back. He's the one guy you want on your team. A good guy, good teammate. Everybody's waiting for him."


  • A Jonas Brother, Nick I think, quickly ducked in and out of the clubhouse after the game, before the media was let in.
  • Randy Wolf was wearing another Star Wars T-shirt after the game. The Force is strong with this one.
  • After the game, the Dodgers held "Family Day 2009," with covered tables and booths set up for families of Dodger players and personnel. Two moonbounces were set up in the outfield, and kids hit and ran the bases and played games on the field.

*Hudson talks reallyreallyfast.
**Broxton is really really quiet.

photo by Orel/SoSG


Chris said...

As always, great stuff Orel! Love the All-Access never gets old!

Neeebs said...

Couple thoughts:

1) Fooky?????

2) love the small print, fast print editorializing.

3) How the heck does Orel get the time off to do the Blog gig at Dodger Stadium? It must be nice to be independently wealthy.

Josh S. said...

Aw, so long, Mitch. We hardly knew ya.

Alex Cora said...

Great comments Orel - Thanks! Love the type and font emphasis. Did you spend time jumping in the moonbounce too?
Neeebs: That is exactly what I thought - FOOKY? I am totally yelling that at the next game I go to.

Alex Cora said...

Oh forgot - did you ask anyone any questions?

Neeebs said...

Alex: Ummmm, you realize that you are the only Son who has seen a losing game at the stadium this year. Maybe you should just let the other Sons see the game live for a while.

:-) JK

Orel said...

"Oh forgot - did you ask anyone any questions?"

Not today. Just observe & report.

Josh S. said...

Giants and Cards knotted at 1 and going to extras. Go Cards! (For one night.)

Josh S. said...

Giants lose!

Nic j said...

That means in 50 games without manny the dodgers have GAINED one full game on the giants. Congrats frisco! Way to gain ground.

Orel said...

Just a perfectly acceptable day all around.

Did you know the Rockies were 11-4 in interleague play?

Brandon said...

I was there as well today, albeit in the seats. Loge level 108. I could have looked up and waved. Great report.

Steve Sax said...

Brandon, I'm glad you didn't look up. I don't think Orel was wearing his Bobby Valentine disguise mustache kit today.

Great job Orel. We should get EK to graph dBs per pound to see if anyone has a ratio lower than Broxton.

Fred's Brim said...

A Jonas was there? I bet he was visiting his older brother Andre