Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Mystery Activity Revealed

If you're one of the 25 people who signed up for the mystery activity, you are now committed to becoming a part-author of SoSG's first work of chain fiction. Here's how it works:

  1. The 25 participants are arranged 1 to 25 in the order they signed up.
  2. SoSG will write the first few sentences of a story. We will then email the last sentence (or sentence segment) to the first person in the chain, Wicks. Wicks will continue the story for a few sentences, based only on the previous sentence, and email it back to SoSG.
  3. We will then pass on the last sentence from Wicks' segment to the next person in the chain, Orlando. Orlando will not see any other part of the story - only the last sentence from Wicks. Based on that, he will continue the story, again for a short segment, and email it back to SoSG.
  4. We will then pass the story on to the 3rd person, Fred's Brim, for his segment, but only share with him Orlando's last sentence.
  5. The story will continue thusly until all 25 participants have written a segment. Once the chain is completed and the story finished, SoSG will then post it in its entirety. Hilarity will ensue.

Got it? Here are a few more notes/rules:

  • Please keep each story segment in the range of 25 - 50 words. And definitely no longer than 60 words, please. Not a whole lot to work with I know, but remember, there will be 26 total segments, and who wants to actually read 1,500+ words in one sitting when you could be watching TV?
  • Please pay attention to when your turn is coming up so you don't hold up the chain. To help you track where along the chain it is, on the sidebar under "SoSG Chain Fiction" we will post the reader who currently holds the story and the following 4 participants.
  • When your turn does come up, please write your segment and respond reasonably quickly. If you take longer than until the end of the following day to respond, we will skip you over and go to the next person. We may re-insert you elsewhere in the chain, but we also might not.
  • SoSG reserves the right to shop the final product around Hollywood as a movie script.

So I hope that makes sense. It's gonna be fun, dammit. The chain sequence is below, and the first email to Wicks goes out next Monday. So get your creative juices running over the long weekend, and don't hold up the chain!

  1. wicks
  2. orlando
  3. fred's brim
  4. mlasf
  5. josh s
  6. midnightdrive
  7. karina
  8. dusto magnifico
  9. erin
  10. neeebs
  11. rbnlaw
  12. mr customer
  13. fanerman
  14. quadsevens
  15. orlando zepeda
  16. alireza
  17. loney fan
  18. lauro
  19. w.d.d.i.m.
  20. bwrightson
  21. fostermatt
  22. dr geek
  23. wince1ce
  24. gchow
  25. dangarion
  26. j steve


Josh S. said...

I love it!

Fred's Brim said...

me too!

how many swears can we put in it?

Neeebs said...

This is going to be so COOL!!!!!!!!!!

Aliens, monsters, Giant Fans, greed, debauchery, bathroom humor.

Can't wait.

Neeebs said...

Even better, I get to follow Erin and then hand off the baton to RBN.

karina said...

Let's face it: we are a bunch of geeks. Love this, Eric!

midnightdrive said...

I expected gladiator duels for SoSG rank and such.

But this has much more potential for hilarity.

J. Steve said...

I just saw this since I was out of town and am excited! It's going to be a little daunting coming with the thrilling conclusion, but I'm looking forward to it.