Wednesday, July 01, 2009

At-Game Recap: Rockies 3, Dodgers 0

Wow that was bad. Just a quick note on the game before we erase this one from our memory and can concentrate on the At-Game Blog by Orel today. We arrived 30 minutes early and were VERY pleasantly surprised to see MAURY WILLS signing autographs at Autograph Alley. I should really check the website to see who is signing before I go as it was awesome to see a star Dodger back there. No offense to Matt Luke or Bobby Castillo, but this is Maury Wills! My wife jumped in line and we were the second-to-the-last person. I ran to a concession stand and bought a Dodger baseball. We were told he might not get to everyone in line as his car was already there, but he stayed until the end and we were able to get his autograph. Woohoo!

The rest of the day was pretty lousy. I love the USA, but they had the old guy from the Playing for Change who did the Star Spangled Banner on his harmonica. It took FOREVER! Plus his rendition of GBA took even longer! I branched out to eat Camacho's Nachos which were good and my wife had the Healthy Choice turkey sandwich (which she said was only OK - wanted the hummus instead, but they didn't have any more). The Dodgers looked like they were swinging at EVERYTHING! Bills was all over the Rockies with only a few mistakes. It almost seems as though the Dodgers are waiting for a big bat to arrive soon. I hope that this isn't the case.

We had to leave the game as soon as it ended as it was a school night and missed the fireworks. I apologize to my fellow Sons for placing yet another "L" on the sidebar (You can see who the unlucky one is over there.) Hopefully we will get 'em today! Go Blue!

Before the game.

The LONGEST SSB I have ever heard.

Camacho Nachos!


Josh S. said...

I think the Camacho Nachos are now my favorite non-Dodger-Dog entree at the Ravine.

Roberto Baly said...

Did you buy a Dodger Baseball? The one with the Dodgers logo? Or a official ball?

I would recommend not to buy the Dodger Baseball because your signature will fade in time...

Wills makes a appearance at the Autograph Alley at least once or twice a month. Great guy!

You're right, the game was lousy.

QuadSevens said...

Those nachos are the bomb!

Alex Cora said...

Roberto: Yeah, the one with the Dodgers logo. I just couldn't part with 22 bucks. Thanks for the tip though and hopefully I will get another chance!

Josh and QS: Oh, and I washed it down with a Malt.

rbnlaw said...

Spray the ball with hairspray to keep the autograph from fading.

And I think I speak for the rest of us when I say, stay away from the stadium, AC

Roberto Baly said...

$ 22 !!?? Wow, they are crazy. You can get those balls for around 10 bucks at card shops. Or at Target for $ 15 bucks.

Alex Cora said...

rbnlaw - yes I know. I also think it is the curse of the dodger dog. This was the second time I didn't get one and the second time the dodgers lost. Grrr...I must make amends and pray for mercy to the Dodger gods.